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Note: We do not certify 3rd party shopping carts. Shopping carts program their payment modules to work with the Payment Gateway and they usually don't list all the gateways they work with.
   As far as we know there are now over 3150 shopping carts that work with the Firearm & Weapons, Ammo, Gun Fast Charge Payment Gateway�. If you need to know if a shopping cart works with the Firearm & Weapons, Ammo, Gun Fast Charge Payment Gateway� you need to go to the shopping carts gateway set up page and look for the following gateways. Since all of these gateways use the same processing module it will work with the Firearm & Weapons, Ammo, Gun Fast Charge Payment Gateway

  • Fast Charge
  • Quick Commerce
  • Merchant Partners
  • Innuity
  • Wonder Pay
  • Authorizenet Emulator

   To determine if your shopping cart is compatible with our Authorizenet Emulator find out if you can change the Gateway URL it accesses. If you can change this to your cart will work with our gateway. NOTE: We haven't found any stand alone shopping carts that won't allow this.
   The Gun Supplies,Firearm Mfg,Weapon & Gun Seller Fast Charge Payment Gateway� also includes a FREE basic shopping cart wizard option with each gateway license to process credit cards or online checks. The free secure shopping cart is for merchants who have a need for a basic shopping cart that can total shipping and tax charges. With the web link wizard you can generate the shopping cart code in under 1 minute and then cut and paste it to your web page.
    In addition to the free cart the upgradable FastCharge Web Cart is a full featured easy to use online store and shopping cart that integrates easily into your existing web site. There is no software to buy or install. All you need to do is add a few "Add to Cart" buttons that link your web site to our secure server, and we take care of the rest. No additional changes need to be made to the server where your website is hosted.
Some Compatible Shopping Carts:
  • Fast Charge Free Web Link Cart

  • osCommerce

  • Joomla/Virtue Mart

  • Zen Cart

  • Magento

  • Commerce Weaver Pro

  • Fast Cart

  • Miva Merchant

  • CartManager

  • ezStore123

  • SoftCart

  • X Cart

  • Cart-32

  • Dansie

  • ShopClerk

  • Product Cart

  • Inter Shop

  • Tek 9 Pro

  • cf_ezcart

  • Mals e-commerce

  • 1 shopping cart

  • PD Shop Pro

  • HSphere

  • PDGSoft

  • Kick Start Cart

  • ShopZone

  • IBiz E-Payment Integrator (IP Works! CC ICharge)

  • Volusion

  • Commerce cgi

  • Configuration Instructions

  • Merchant Partners Shopping Cart

  • Web Asys

   We are compatible with thousands of other carts --- our tech support dept. can check into a particular cart for you if necessary.

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