Merchant Account Recurring Billing

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Merchant Account Recurring Billing Features:

Multiple billing profiles:
Merchants can configure different profiles for products and allow the consumer to select the one that fits their need. For example, your consumers can select to be billed monthly at one rate, or pick an annual fee at a different rate with the electronic billing and invoicing software.

Flexible billing cycles:
The Recurring billing Electronic Billing and Invoicing Software can be configured to bill weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.

Different initial and recurring amounts:
Different dollar amounts can be specified for the first billing and subsequent billings. For example, a separate "Signup Fee" and "Monthly Fee" and be configured. Special introductory rates can be set up, or free trial periods offered with the Electronic Billing and Invoicing Software.

Configurable billing terms:
The duration of billing terms can be configured from one time to unlimited.

Automatic rebilling:
Transactions can be automatically retried if not successful. You set the retry interval and frequency and we'll take care of the rest!

Detailed reporting:
Detailed transaction history of your consumers' recurring payments are available online for your review. Also, daily summary reports keep you up to date on recurring activity: how many new subscribers, cancelled subscribers, how many were billed that day, whether a billing was successful or not.

Hosted Payment Services:
The Firearms Guns Weapons Fast Charge Payment Gateway has a variety of customizable payment solutions that allow you to register your clients and process one-time or recurring payments. None of these options require programming on your part as we host the sites for you on our secure gateway servers.

Non-Profit Donation Service:
Start accepting donations from your non-profit web site using this complete donation solution. Your donors can register on the site, process one-time or recurring (installment) payments, view payment history, print donation statements, and much more.

Property Management Service:
Manage your tenant billings using our hosted property management payment solution. Your tenants can process one-time or recurring (i.e. monthly) payments, view payment history, and much more.

Membership / Subscription Password Service:
The Gun Supplies,Firearm Mfg,Weapon & Gun Seller Fast Charge Payment Gateway Membership system automates the entire process of selling login/password accounts for members-only web sites. Want to add restricted access to your site, but worried about the work involved in adding members to the database, billing active members, deleting cancelled members, etc.? Let Fast Charge do it for you! NOTE:The membership and password system requires our programmers to install a special database on your server. There is an additional fee for this as well as an additional monthly fee for maintaining the passwords. Please call us for more details.

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