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The Fast Charge Payment Gateway Internet Credit Card Processing requires more security and aggressive fraud controls than retail credit card processing because the credit card cannot be verified by swiping the credit card like you do with a retail merchant account. For this reason it's very important to deal with a company that specializes in internet transactions and Internet Merchant Accounts. An Internet Merchant Account does not require a shopper's signature and has requirements beyond a typical card-not-present or retail merchant account. If you already have a merchant account, you should verify that the merchant account supports credit card payments over the Internet. We've been setting up Internet Merchant Accounts since 1994 and offer one of the most secure and reliable payment processing gateways on the market with the Fast Charge Payment Gateway. Features of the Firearms Guns Weapons Fast Charge Payment Gateway!:

  • Free Online Virtual Credit Card Processing Terminal
  • Free Online Check Processing Set Up
  • Free Recurring Billing - Monthly, Quarterly or Annually etc..
  • Free Basic Shopping Cart
  • Free Fraud Scrubbing
  • Free 24 X 7 Toll Free Telephone Support
  • Free Sub ID's and Unlimited Users
  • Free Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Free Order Email Receipt to Customer and Merchant
  • Free SSL Secured Order Pages
  • Free No Equipment or Software Needed
  • Free Instant Credit Card Verification
  • Free Real-Time Online Reporting
  • Free Email Domain Validation
  • Free Large Transaction Notification
  • Free Negative Credit Card Database for Fraud Detection
  • Free High Risk Country and IP Address Blocking
  • Free Daily Batching
  • Free Batch Processing
  • Free Duplicate Transaction Prevention
  • Free Brute Force Attack Protection

Free Brute Force Attack Protection is probably one of the most important fraud features for preventing massive credit card fraud. Brute force is when someone tries to verify card account numbers by charging a small amount ($1.00) on a credit card just to verify if a credit card is valid. This FREE feature prevents brute force credit card number attacks and detects consumers who attempt to defraud by use of credit card number pattern attacks even if the transactions are coming from multiple locations or using spoofed IP addresses. You can set the number of times you will accept multiple transactions which will stop the attempts. Most credit card payment gateways don't even offer Brute Force Attack Protection but the few that do charge an additional $100 to $500 set up fee and $50 to $300 more per month for this service. The Hunting Supplies Firearm Dealer, Gun Shop, Wholesaler Retailer Fast Charge Payment Gateway� "Virtual Terminal" takes the place of a credit card terminal or processing software saving you money because you don't have to purchase or lease the hardware or software. You get all the extra anti-fraud features like address verification, realtime credit card verification, and free daily batching. The Firearms Guns Weapons Fast Charge Payment Gateway� "Online Merchant Center" provides merchants with a way to process credit cards from any device with internet access offering multiple credit card payment choices to customers.
Features and Benefits
  • Fast E-commerce Transactions
  • Personalized Support
  • 128 bit (SSL) Security
  • E-mail Confirmation
  • Integration Versatility
  • Matching Refunds
  • Increased Fraud Prevention

Fast Charge helps small and medium-sized businesses expand their online selling power with secure credit card processing. Online Charge gives businesses the complete infrastructure to authorize, capture and settle online credit card purchases. Accepting credit cards online with Fast Charge is quick, easy, safe and affordable. Fast Charge incorporates state-of-the-art fraud and risk prevention mechanisms, and has been certified by the preeminent credit card processing networks.
More Features:
  • Comprehensive online credit card processing - saves businesses the expensive and difficulty of implementing a turnkey payment processing solution. Fast Charge provides all the service and functionality a business needs to start accepting credit cards online.
  • Rapid order processing - Delivers instantaneous online credit card processing to maximize sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.
  • Accept all major credit cards -Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. By accepting all major credit cards your business can increase its sales potential.
  • Online Merchant Center - provides enterprise back-office services featuring robust reporting and utility options. Fast Charge provides businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their online business.
  • Industrial-strength security screening - ensures customers 100% online purchasing security over secure socket layer (SSL) or dedicated lease line.
  • Fraud and Risk Management (FRISK�) - customizable fraud and risk management system that allows businesses to employ an optimal level of protection for their business. The result is maximized sales and minimized risk.
  • Dedicated support - provides advanced and reliable client support. Fast Charge gives businesses the personal attention and responsiveness they need to succeed online.

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